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Our History

Our humble beginnings started out in the city of Springfield, Ma.In 1991, Ken Socha started his own firm and shortly thereafter merged with Don Houghton to create, Houghton & Socha, P.C. The two got along together and business was good. Then in December 2007, Ed Grzelak came to work for Houghton & Socha, P.C. on Main Street in Springfield, Ma. A while after, Ed became a shareholder in the firm and the firm changed its name to reflect the new ownership to Socha & Grzelak, P.C. after Houghton retired. Much too soon, their firm became too big for their tiny office building to contain them. They needed to move and grow. Ed had always envisioned working with his son and having an Accounting firm together with him. This was their chance!


Anthony Krusz was working in a little office in Chicopee where he met Zach Grzelak. After many musings, in 2010, Zach convinced Tony to get out of the little space and grow the firm larger. Tony agreed and using the name Tony already incorporated, Anthony R. Krusz, CPA, P.C. they moved the firm to the Burnett Road area of Chicopee. After Zach obtained his CPA License, Zach became a shareholder in this company. To reflect the new ownership, they changed the name of the company to Grzelak &Krusz, P.C. A few years later, Zach and Tony’s business became too big for their office. This was the perfect opportunity! Socha & Grzelak, P.C. and Grzelak & Krusz, P.C. were both ready to move and advance at the same time. 

Zach spent countless hours searching for months to find the perfect place. Big, clean, easy to get to, right off the highway, and close to home, there was an opening at the Interstate 391 Industrial and Business Park located on Meadow Street in Chicopee, Ma. It was almost like a fairy tale how it all came together! Moving quick, both offices packed up and moved right in and got comfortable. As of January 1, 2015, both firms are working together under one roof and one name, Grzelak, Grzelak, & Associates, P.C.